Yukon River Quest caps 2009 race with awards presentation

By Whitehorse Star on June 30, 2009 at 5:12 pm


Photo by Jon Molson

Paddlers had a lot to be happy about on Sunday at the Yukon River Quest’s special awards presentation.

In addition to handing out finisher pins to the racers that completed the 740-km race within the cutoff time (11:59 p.m. on Saturday), individual and team awards were also presented.

The celebration was held in Dawson City, where the race ends each year.

The top Yukon time award was donated by Yukon Breweries and this year’s winner for Top Yukon Canoe (under 60 hours) was the mixed canoe team of Jane Vincent and Tim Hodson.

Paddling in a tandem canoe, Vincent and Hodson completed the race with a time of 47h 21:32.

First Women - Award donated by of Coast Mountain Sports

#64 Tandem canoe women’s team: Dawson before Dusk, Liz Bosely and Veronica Wisniewski (48h 53:24).

First 55+ - Award donated by Mark Prinze of (Whitehorse)

#29 Solo kayak: The Austrian, Heinz Rodinger (56h 36:33).

Most Improved - Award donated by the Klondyke Visitors Association (Dawson)

#20 Yakumama, Joanie Pelletier (51h 05:05).

Tandem Canoe Women Kari Johnston (3h 47 faster than last year)

Red Stove (second last team in) - Award donated by Harry Kern of Haywire Industries (Whitehorse)

#75 Team Kai Tim Taylor and Phil Lafave (71h 41:34).

Spirit of the Yukon - Award donated by Dianne Villeseche of Raven Ink (Whitehorse)

#77 Voyageur canoe, Team Dene Charlie Tssessaze, Solomon Joseyounen, Jerome St. Pierre, Bill Tsannie, Norbert Wolverine, Lionel Campbell.

Team Dene was given the award for the assistance they provided fellow voyageur canoe team the Texans after they capsized before Minto.

The Yukon River Quest began this past Wednesday in Whitehorse.

There were more than 70 teams at the start line, paddling either a voyageur, tandem or solo boat.

The Yukon River Quest is the longest annual canoe and kayak race in the world.

With the exception of two mandatory rest stops totaling 10 hours, paddlers can race non-stop in a race that is held annually during the last week of June (around the summer solstice).