Whitehorse Daily Star

March 26, 2017


Photo by Vince Fedoroff

INVENTION TAKES TO THE TRAILS – Whitehorse resident Doug Hitch is seen with the ‘Ski Claws’ he has invented and patented for cross-country skiing. The Cold Climate Innovation program at Yukon College helped him. The claws will be available for members of the public to try out at the Chadburn Lake ski trails from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. Hitch has two types of bindings on 10 skis so people can use their own boots.


Photo by Vince Fedoroff

PRE-FESTIVAL JAMMING – Ragn Royal, Manus Hopkins and Brendan Butler, left-right, jam a tune Wednesday afternoon in the Splintered Craft recording studio. The three are part of the five-piece band WaRRmAuth, which will perform Friday evening at Break Fest at Splintered Craft. The festival will begin at 7:00 this evening with the bands The Egg Yukes, Raw Youth Movement and William Symanski. There will also be a Friday noon show.


Photo by Marissa Tiel

ACTION ON THE SLOPES – Sammy Mather takes part in the 2017 Yukon Slopestyle Championships at Mt. Sima on Saturday. Mather was first in the 15-16 category with a best run score of 297.50. Snowboard Yukon held their territorial championships at Mt. Sima last weekend with slopestyle taking over the park on Saturday and boardercross running on Sunday.


Photo by Vince Fedoroff

CLOCK TICKS DOWN ON EFFIGY – Lea-Ann McNally is seen with the effigy that will be devoured by flames at the Burning Away the Winter Blues event this Saturday evening at the Robert Service Campground. This will be the 19th annual festival. The event will begin with a walk from the SS Klondike at 8:30 p.m.


Photo by Marissa Tiel

SUCCESSFUL SNIPER – Jonas Thomson of the EGT Nanooks scores on CA Storm goalie JJ Gainsforth in the second period of A Division final action. The EGT Nanooks met the CA Storm in the 40th Annual Kilrich Building Centres Native Hockey Tournament A Division final at the Takhini Arena on Sunday. In front of a packed house, the EGT Nanooks beat the CA Storm 7-5 to win the final.


Photo by Photo Submitted

WHITE AND WILEY – These ermine are members of the weasel family with their long body, short legs, long neck and a triangular-shaped head. This one was seen in the Teslin area recently. They are between 24 and 27 cm long, with their tail adding another 7.5 cm to their length. Ermine change the colour of their coats seasonally. In winter, they’re completely white except for the black-tipped tail, while in the summer, their backs are brown and their undersides are white.